Our Story

How it all started


Lochair was born out of a passion for natural healing, combined with a love for the clean outdoors. A passion that we still hold dear today.

When we were younger, we moved around the isles a lot. In moving from place to place, we would find ourselves holding on to certain memories, particular feelings and the cherished objects associated with them. Be it a rock from a local beach, some dried heather from the heath or pine cones from the woods.

We wanted to be able to encapsulate certain feelings and memories, to be able to transport our minds back to the state of peace we felt, while wandering through that forest; the mist permeating the air, cool on our faces as the broken heather underneath our boots encapsulated us in floral earthy notes.

We found as we got older, we grew ever more fascinated by alternative healing methods, holistic styles, integrative methods and the power of inner healing.

As we progress, we strive to build on our practices and lead through our research. Developing existing methods and building a community to share this lost knowledge and practices. We aim to provide clean, safe products, guidance and sustainability.

To give back and share what has been available to us, all along.



“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. ”






Lochair would not accept a model that leans on the destruction of habitat or welfare in order to maintain or progress business needs. We source from small scale, local specialists, apothecaries, alchemists and herbalists. We strive to source our products from local sources where possible and build long lasting relationships with our suppliers, as well as build community, provide sustainable, ecological and safe production and operation practices.

We work alongside and support local business, seek consultation from relevant wildlife bodies and find ways to integrate our production and involvement in systems, to better benefit existing concerns (such as declining bee populations, wildlife decline or habitat loss as well as avoid any new future impact.

We like to close the loop. We strive for recycled packaging, compostable elements and degradable ink, whilst supporting community development projects to involve future generations.

Rediscovering Lost Remedies

We're striving to unearth lost practices and ancestral knowledge, from which modern pharmaceutical methods often originate. To not only cure waste, but bring understanding, responsibility and ability back to ourselves and our communities.
    Plantago Major

    This plant has been used for millennia by people for a number of ailments, its versatility and abundance makes it such a great resource. Most of us will step on it almost daily once without noticing.

    Plantago Major
Inspired by Nature
Use Natures existing abilities keys to empower your life

Lochair Commitment

Organic and pure

We only source our products from the purest, cleanest suppliers. Locally, where possible.

Responsibly Sourced

We strive to create lasting relationships with suppliers, who use only organic practices.

Safe and Clean

Our oils are often much safer than pharmaceutical alternatives, with no unwanted side effects.

Natural Botanicals

Using natural practices to treat ailments, reduces our reliance on destructive industries and waste.